Cotswold Challenge


Another LDWA event – and it was up in the Cotswolds. To be honest, it was a toss-up to do this or the epic Cotswold Century which was being run on the same day over the whole 102 miles of the Cotswold Way.

In a rare moment of clarity, common sense prevailed though, and I decided not to go for the monster option. After all, it was only 10 days after my epic romp around the Alps and my feet and legs were still pretty mashed.

I decided to use public transport to get to Birdlip at the start, so a bit of an adventure got me to the little village in Gloucestershire for 09:15 in time to meet with Maxine and the two Chris’s and Sam the dog. A quick photo and we were off…

image38 runners were doing the “full” route which included an extra little loop at the start, however a few of us got a bit lost and stuck an extra 1/2 mile-or-so onto the route

Eventually we got back on track and it was a nice slog through fields, mud and the odd hill-or-two for the next 5 hours, to be honest – there’s not a lot to say about the route. It’s nice enough – rolling terrain which you really should be running at all times. the CPs imagewere fab, it was warm and the scenery was pretty nice. Generic race day to be honest…

I leapfrogged a few people and let them go towards the end as I could see I was well inside my 6-hour goal. There was a nice pub near the finish which was welcome as I waited for the bus to Gloucester then the train home was fast and easy. All-in-all, it was about £40 for the race entry and transport which can’t be bad? A good day out…


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2 Responses to Cotswold Challenge

  1. Chris Hunt says:

    You must have been home by the time I finished two hours later. Was very dissapointed checkpoing 1 had no water, as I’s guzzled mine down beforehand so I could replenish. You just expect water.

    • Guy Mawson says:

      I agree, though to be fair it did say there were no refreshments at CP1. You’d have thought with the weather being warm they could have provided water? It was a long way to CP2 and I was dry by the time I got there!
      Still, a good day out 🙂

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