Shaun In The City – Sheep Worrying In London

logo-sitcAnother weekend, and another silly challenge involving running round London, but this time it was visiting 50 “Shaun the Sheep” statues scattered around the capital.

I’d heard about the exhibition after a similar display of Paddington figures last year which I missed. This time though, I wasn’t going to let it go – especially as the exhibition expands later in the year to add another 70 statues in Bristol which is just around the corner.

The 50 statues are grouped into 4 main urban “trails” of 5-8km with another 4 “lost sheep” scattered around Paddington,Buckingham Palace and Canary Wharf. As my train gets into Paddington it was easy to start with those sheep and then head off into the madness of the city.

I got into Paddington just after 09:30 and it was immediately obvious this was an extremely popular pastime, every statue I found was packed with kids, parents, scouts, cubs, hen and stag parties who were bagging those sheep via the Aardman app on their phones! It was a brilliant day out, and a tour-de-force of London and the landmarks, I don’t think there were many places missed. The skyline across the Thames is absolutely amazing and I really don’t think I’ve ever appreciated our capital as much as during this run – it really is world class.

I met my sister at 20-ish miles and we ran the last couple of trails together, finishing up at Baa-bican, (sic) and then off for a beer before heading home.

It was a fun day, ending-up being around 29 miles and a relaxed 5.5 hours of running, dodging tourists, selfie-snapping and goofing around. I’m already looking forward to the herd arriving in Bristol for some more sheep bagging.

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One Response to Shaun In The City – Sheep Worrying In London

  1. Love this one, possibly even a bit more than the tube one – nutter!!!

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