Beerathon 2013

Barefoot Santa vs Mario - Letsa go!

Barefoot Santa vs Mario – Letsa go!

Let’s put something out there before I even begin on this race report… Last weekend I ran 100km at the Thunder Run, and last night I ran 4 miles at a club run, (it was slow – under 30 minutes) – so after that I was up for a bit of fun and something  different.

I’ve absolutely no idea how I came to hear about this race, the Great British Beerathon? But it appeals to everything I hold close and dear – basically, it’s a “slobstacle” course, 5 1-mile laps with a pint and food challenge at every interval. Sounds like standard ultra training to me, so i was in!

Arriving at the “Hoop & Grapes”I picked up my number and gathered in the courtyard with the rest of the nutters. After much deliberation my costume was a santa claus suit which had been unused from a Cardiff run. It was a brilliant choice, and I was also going “barefoot” in my vibrams for extra kudos!

Superheroes assemble!

Superheroes assemble!

The atmposhere at the start was immense, superheroes lined-up with mortals! Health and Safety begone – you can spew anywhere, if it looks like a wall, it’s good for a fall 🙂

Then, we were off on lap 1, just a mile! It was hot and we stormed away, onto the high-street and past some road-workers who gave us great support! A couple of hundred yards though some back streets, (and a homeless chap) took us back onto the main road and the  stretch back to the pub!

Bad Santa

Bad Santa

What a lap! Imagine 100+ fancy-dress runners in progressive states of disintegration charging through your town centre? The second half of the lap was along a London high street with St Pauls and The Shard in the background. Open-top tourist buses and taxis cheered us on, we must have been trending on  Twitter and Facebook judging by the number of people snapping photos, everyone cheered for Santa and a few people grabbed a cheeky snapshot with me as I jogged around.

Lap 1 was fast, a cake and pint of Guinness awaited us at the end… No problem and it slipped down without issue and onto the second lap

Lap 2 was a samosa and pint of bitter and still went down fine, rocking and rolling through the pub 🙂



Lap 3 Cornish pasty and pint of lager – nice! really enjoyed this one, although my stomach was beginning to feel a little full by now! This was also the point where I saw “The Incredible Hulk” having some serious problems with a pork pie and pint of cider… I doubt you’d ever see that in a Marvel/DC comic!

Lap 4 Cider and Pork Pie, OMG – so nasty… I have no idea how I managed to eat this or keep it down, but somehow I did and completed my final lap!

Ho Ho Ho

Ho Ho Ho

I’ve no idea how I did, or where I finished in the grand scheme of things – and I care even less. After I finished I spent a good while chatting to other people and then hung around for the “ceremony”.

I have not laughed so much for a long time – the ceremony and prize giving was possibly the highlight of my year so far! So funny… Nobody will get this, but David Seaman has a lot to answer for!

What a few hours!

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