Born To Run

born-to-run1Well – have you read it?

This post isn’t about barefoot running, the Tarahumara, chia seeds or any of that – it’s about a 37-mile ultra I ran today in Llanelli called “Born To Run”, so not quite the copper canyons immortalised in the book by Christopher McDougall!

This morning, somewhere around 9am, 40-or-so athletes set off from a caravan park in Llanelli. There were no crowds to cheer us on our way, a couple of tramps nursing last night’s cider shouted something incomprehensible around 6 miles in, but otherwise – we were on our own…

The pace was quick at the start – I was looking to go around sub 6-hours and using a 25:5 run/walk strategy. The flat course meant I was running well under 9:00/mile pace and the miles ticked by. Somehow I went through a marathon in 3hrs 56 and continued to finish in 5hrs 40 – smashing my 50k PB along the way!

Anyway – that’s not what this blog is about, I was thinking today about how different my professional life is contrasted to my running life. I’m constantly amazed by the selfless support and encouragement given freely to us as we run these crazy races. Marshals and aid station helpers who stand out in the cold/wind/rain for endless hours – always with a smile and an encouraging word make these events.

So – thanks to the marshals, race directors, aid station helpers and anyone who’s ever clapped or encouraged a weary runner… You’re amazing – not us!

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