Rhayaders on the storm

Just about a year ago I ran a couple of 20-milers whilst training for the Cardiff Ultra 50 club-mint-thumbnail2Mile race. One of which was the Rhayader Round The Lakes and the other the San Domenico 20-miler. Today I did the Rhayader 20 race for the second time and was reminiscing on the previous year…

At the time I had no club affiliation, and had no aspiration to belong to a club, but on the way around the San Dom 20 I decided I would give it a go and join San Dom. The next Tuesday I nervously turned up at the track session, paid my fees and became a member….

Immediately, I met another aspiring ultra runner and made a couple of other lasting friendships… The summer consisted of a myriad of club events – Rose Inn, Self Transcendence and Parkruns aplenty. We had a weekend away at the Snowdonia marathon and a few other brilliant races. Running in the San Dom vest has alway been a privilege and I’ve met so many people just from being in SD colours!

I guess this blog is just a thank-you to those who welcomed me into the community… maybe I’ll convert some of you to ultra runners yet 🙂

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