parkrun PB and The Gloucester 20

Back-to-back long-run weekends continue with planned 15 / 20 milers on Saturday and Sunday!

Saturday – a 2.5 mile warmup to Cardiff Parkrun, then it was on with Vibrams and a blast around the 5k course. I wasn’t really intending to blast around, (this was supposed to be part of a 15-mile long run) but the fivefingers were taunting me “we can go faster than this – gorilla feet boy” they chided :-)

I crossed the finish, hit stop on the Garmin and looked down – 20:11… WTF? Well – that’s a new PB by 34 seconds then and a bit too close for comfort to the elusive sub 20:00!

The monkey feet came off and went into the backpack and I headed off up the Taff Trail for another 10-miles of nice, slow running to bring the day’s total up to 15 miles – a long run AND a 5k PB – not bad for a morning’s work :-)

Back home and an experimental “wheelie-bin ice bath” awaited me – interesting, painful, cold are my recollections… I seem to have managed to wipe the rest of my feelings from memory!

Sunday was The Gloucester 20. Using it as a long training run the plan was to go by feel and sub 3:00 would be OK. I actually really enjoyed the 3-lap course and comfortably finished in 2:54 with plenty left in reserve so very happy with the result.

No ice baths on Sunday night – a well deserved curry instead!

Next weekend – double 20’s…! Rhayader and San Domenico

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