26.2 Miles Later

Yesterday was a recce of the final 25 miles of my first 50-mile ultra – the City Ultra Cardiff on May 22nd…

This involved getting the train from Cardiff to the half-way point, picking up the Taff Trail and heading back home… As I was going to be off the beaten track for a few hours I’d loaded my Raidlight up with supplies and – having recently watched “127 Hours” a nice, sharp Leatherman. I knew I wasn’t likely to get trapped and have to amputate on a Sunday afternoon on the national cycle network – but then I guess the chap in the film wasn’t expecting it either:-)

I got off the train at 9:30am, 25 miles from home in driving rain and wind, zipped up my jacket and headed off towards the Taff Trail – much to the amusement of several passengers who looked, smelt and sounded like they were carrying on Saturday night’s session on the lash.

The next 4 hours and 18 minutes were a mixed-bag of rain, great scenery, wind, hills, mud, more rain, three episodes of Marathon Talk and the occasional pit stop for food and drink. My Garmin read 25.3 miles by the time I got back to Cardiff, but I just “had” to make it up to 26.2 by running around the block a few times :-)

Somehow, I also managed to do the run a couple of minutes faster than the Gloucester marathon? How did that happen then…?

Unfortunately my iPhone didn’t survive the rain and is now in for repair for water damage… Without a phone, it turns out I might have needed that Leatherman after all :-O

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